A data visualization enthusiast….interests in arts and design too. He lives life on inspiration and revolution. One of the least talkative humans…a tag conferred to him by fellow blog mates at Talk By Chance.
 Apart from being an amateur photographer, he turns out to be an app developer too. This Android powered human can be seen juggling with his camera in bustling streets of Mumbai. More of his clicks can be found at GopeshRavalPhotography.
 He is a Jack of all trades. Is a connoisseur of arts, good food, movies and books and writes poetry. His shortcomings are usually overshadowed by his maverick moments of skill and wit.
 He can turn out to be the best of people to help you become a computer geek. In seconds, he can turn around random thoughts and ideas into fantabulous visuals. Is an entrepreneur by profession.

You too can add pages to the book and be a part of an Indian drawing book…all you need to do is share your work and thoughts. Drop in your sheets at anindiandrawingbook[at]gmail[dot]com OR vipulskumar13[at]gmail[dot]com with all the information you would like us to know.

an Indian drawing book is a non-commercial team blog. The truth is neither do we have any pennies to pay nor the pockets to earn.


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A pictorial portrayal of Incredible !ndia

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