I, as an Indian, believe in the Indian dream, and although I do include the Indian 2020 world superpower dream, but I also include my vision and hopes in it. After all, a nation’s light burn’s brightest when there are limitless dreams and hopes to feed it. This blog is dedicated just to showcase that. A picture speaks a thousand words…photographs capture the essence of emotion and always have an interesting story to share. Are we not left with fascination, awe, inspiration, joy, sadness, betrayal, anger, and a myriad of unfathomable emotions whenever we see a photograph that invigorates those feelings inside us? A photograph highlights the era, the mind-set, the life, and its complexities in the time when it was taken. Who can forget the faces of the many unsung heroes of the freedom struggle? Who can forget Kapil Dev lifting India’s first Cricket World Cup in 1983? Who can forget the brave, smiling faces of our soldiers waving the Indian flag atop Tiger Hill achieving victory during the 1999 Kargil conflict? These are just few of the many instances of our most defining moments in history. The blog will show you another facet of the Indian story. It will show you the true, natural side of India, an India defined and lived by the common man; an India built upon by the fortunes of the resourceful; an India aspiring to reach to the stars by its fearless and energetic youth.

Yes, this blog will be the face of “Incredible India”— its glories and its downfalls, its satirical and dark sides, the old and the new, the smiles and the cries—all depicted in a motley of photos, cartoons, infographics, artworks, and all through the technical wonder of data visualization.

This is the Indian Drawing Book…..



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A pictorial portrayal of Incredible !ndia

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