The Tastes of India

Every country is unique in itself as it always offers something special to either native or the seasoned traveller leaving both with memories to last for a lifetime. An old saying goes that “the only way to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach“, and yes, what truly could be more enticing to the soul other than the monuments and the culture of any place?  The answer is just being simmered to perfection……

The land of diversity serves an enormous platter, as enormous as itself, of the most lip-smacking foods ever delighting tastebuds here and across the world. Every food has a story here…from sweet to salty…and all are served and eaten here with equal zest and pleasure. So come on down and give your taste buds a new experience from the spiciness of the Chicken tikka to the sweet delight of the Rasgulla!

We begin our food journey right from the heart of India – Madhya Pradesh with some clicks of Sarafa Street at Indore which is unique all over India being the only chaat street to open at 10:30 pm!!! Indore is regarded as one of the most happiest cities of India, as people there have a lot of reasons to fill their tummies to their hearts content!! From the 50 different varieties of Poha, the assorted array of spicy namkeen snacks, and the mouth-watering kebabs, Indore not only satiates hunger pangs with its local culinary delights, but also offers cuisines ranging from Meditterranean to the Oriental truly making Indore a foodie paradise!!!!

And that’s what makes…MP ajab hai, sabse gazab hai!!!