The Motorheads!!!!

You are on a road, miles and miles of it running forward till it gets lost beyond the horizon in a vast but lonely landscape. It is just you,  the road, and the machine upon which you sit.  The machine growls like an impatient beast waiting for you to unleash it’s full glory as you get set and throttle yourself  to the falling sunset ahead for you are the king of the road. You rev up the engine, release the brakes, letting your machine roar to life as you speed away towards the vast, uncharted ‘scapes ahead, ready to conquer it all, and you don’t look back…………..

We all love the sense of that absolute freedom, where we can be all that we can be, but who enjoys and experiences it more better than a biker!!!  First off, they are cool, everything about them is simply cool!!! Be it their sleek mean machines, the leather boots, straps,  jackets, and the will to ride off regardless  of the destination, the biker represents and epitomizes the human will, bravery, and fearlessness to take up new challenges in life (and have a lot of fun at the same time!), and in so doing, the biker has become a significant part of the everyday fantasy and culture that many strive toward but only a few are able to accomplish.  We all look in awe and fascination whenever a HarleySuzukiYamahaDucati, or a KTM breezes by us on the road, we may be left dazed by the awesomeness of the machine but generally always forget about the rider, for the rider is masked and remains unknown, he is just the warrior of  the road, his weapon being far more magnificent and well endowed than he. Biker culture is well practiced all over the world by those who own the machines to do so; in India, one of the largest motorcycle crazy nations of the world—various motorclubs, biking aficionados, and gangs roar city roads to life with their speed and stunts attempted at life-taking risks everyday. Even in the small, sleepy city of Dehradun, its rugged terrain and towering hills with criss-crossing roads promises the eager biker with the thrills and memories of a lifetime. This post is about one such avid motorbiking group of  individuals who have made it their mission to dream ,explore, and conquer it all (and by that I mean the roads!!). These are the Dehradun Motorheads………………

The Motorheads started off with three guys, and the names of these freewheeling musketeers are Ankit Verma, Mugees Sheikh, and Rohit Charles (the holy trinity!!!). The initial focus of the trio was to explore the vast cornucopic landscapes around Dehradun, then came up the idea to start a full-fledged group, a brotherhood of dedicated motophiles bound together by their passion towards riding, and so The Dehradun Motorheads were born…………………… Now, a brief glimpse into the road-tripping threesome— Ankit Verma (aka the Masterji!!), a self-proclaimed nature lover, loves to ride his weapon of choice, the KTM Duke. He is more of a cult guy and an atheist, believing in riding to be his sole purpose of life. Mugees Sheikh( aka ‘Mugs’), the soul of the group, he is a huge metal rock fan who is equally eager to put the pedal on the metal, his enthusiasm and zest is what inspires the group to live the adventure of the road. Rohit Charles ( aka ‘Charles’), one of the senior members of the group, is happily married with a kid, but also one of the zaniest and thrill seeking riders with an unparalleled passion for traversing the off-terrain on his KTM Duke which he affectionately calls his ‘kiddo’. What started of with only three soon grew into a family of 15 (and counting!!!), all united by their profound passion of seeking the adventure and thrill that the empty miles of road promises them.

The group had their maiden journey on 13th January, 2013, their destination being Chakrata, an idyllic hill-station known for its pristine and majestic sceneries along with criss-crossing, twisted roads running across the hills giving ample opportunity for our riders to have a debut to be long remembered. The group didn’t take the normal route, preferring instead to travel and experience the unseen rugged beauty of the landscape by travelling through small villages, dams, and perilous bridges!!! But this wasn’t enough to satiate our groups thirst for adventure, their return journey had them take a route previously unknown to civilization ( not even existing on the map!!), a route made of shaky, unstable gravel where falling off the bike seemed mandatory every minute of the way. But this didn’t stop the riders, as they conquered the arduous 100-km stretch of road with resilient fortitude, not letting it beat their spirits and will to conquer the unforgiving terrain. Entirely exhausted but with awe-inspiring confidence, our riders resumed their journey back to the city, with their hearts and minds filled with titillating moments of the ride and with an intoxicating fervor left to ride more and beyond as the sun set below on that awesome day of their debut ride………

So guys release the brakes with Mugeese Sheikh, Ankit Verma, Vijay Chauhan of Dehradun Motorheads and tour the boundless roads.

     penned down by Asiem Bhaskar


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