Discovering Dehradun

A gallery of images by Dehradun Motorheads of places in and around Dehradun.

We all have that unquenchable desire for excitement, which is usually borne out of notions of novelty, i.e, something entirely new and extraordinary that completely takes our minds away by surprise. But sadly, somehow, we are unable to fulfill this desire due to our schedule-ridden, complacent lives that leave us only in wanting. These images of sheer, unparalleled beauty and magnificence were taken by a group of enlightened individuals who are like you and me, except that they live life by their own terms; they choose not to be shackled in that dreary four-walled prison called ‘routine’ and set themselves free to ride, explore, and experience; the essence of it which you can see in these amazing images.

The Dehradun Motorheads are more than just the bikes and the rides, they represent the human will of exploring the unexplored, the desire to seek and experience the thrill of the unexpected, the new, and the unobvious. This is something that is in lack, unfortunately, among most of us. So, take inspiration from the images that you have seen and the courageous group that have made it possible, and make everyday of your lives an adventure, the way that it should be! 🙂

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Organisations under Disability Division in the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

The  illustration below maps out the organisations under Disability Division within the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, India. The organisations are categorized under the 5 heads as per their roles & responsibilities.

Made by Vipul for Ability Project
Made by Vipul for Ability Project

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The Motorheads!!!!

You are on a road, miles and miles of it running forward till it gets lost beyond the horizon in a vast but lonely landscape. It is just you,  the road, and the machine upon which you sit.  The machine growls like an impatient beast waiting for you to unleash it’s full glory as you get set and throttle yourself  to the falling sunset ahead for you are the king of the road. You rev up the engine, release the brakes, letting your machine roar to life as you speed away towards the vast, uncharted ‘scapes ahead, ready to conquer it all, and you don’t look back…………..

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