In few of my early visits to a NGO working for disabled, I went wearing a cloak shedding sympathies all over but always returned with a charged up soul craving for more challenges in life. The people I met @ NGO…their indomitable spirits and zeal to deal with challenges made me feel so small and made me remind of tears I built up over small things in life. Loving life and packing off worries is what I learnt at my brief stint with Cheshire Homes, Thane.

I chanced upon an idea to build up Ability Project and showcase illustrations concerning their lives and depict inspiring tales of India’s disabled through infographics and data visualization. It’s time we celebrate the humanitarian spirit and nurture hopes with these people who have been fighting against the odds in hope to live just like any other aam aadmi. I have an unending to-do list and there’s so much to do. And this project is just one of task.

This project is a special on disability and spurs us to look beyond our monotonous lives and leaves you on a journey with lives that are endlessly fighting to earn a livelihood.



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