No celebration is complete without the inclusion of this!!!

India, the land of diversity, a nation of 1.8 billion and counting; a tapestry of varied cultures, races, religions, hopes, and dreams interwoven together to make this glorious nation of ours what it is today. And I believe it’s for the same reasons as to what makes India so special and so unique in the eyes of the world.

Her history defined and made rich by instances of colourful people and their lives and festivals inching us closer to one another and God. Definitely one such period of celebrations…smiles turn up naturally on faces. Be it the Diwali boom or the delicious gujiyas…the project showcases photos & visuals of festivities and tells you why festivals in India are not just about celebration but occasions to restore, renew and develop relationships. The project leaves you with an enthralling experience and makes you watch out for the next festival ahead with an answer to the question What makes India celebrate?

Makar Sankranti

Go Fly a Kite

Children’s Day

Unwrapping happiness :)
Unwrapping happiness 🙂
“We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!”  Benjamin Franklin

Dussehra | Vijaydashmi | Ravana Dahan


Gandhi Jayanti

'Non-violence is the First Article of My Faith'
‘Non-violence is the First Article of My Faith’


Dahi Handi
Dahi Handi

Photos and Illustrations by Gopesh & Vipul.

Read Ashish’s gripping article highlighting real independence as he writes Do we really deserve to celebrate a day of independence?

Ever heard the song 12 Days of Christmas featuring an animated Indian pop star (more of an Indian Elvis impersonator!) shaking his leg to a heavily Indianized version of the lyrics to the original song? Watch out for the 12 days of Christmas!!! (the desi version ;P) article by Asiem this Christmas and yeah  don’t forget to shake a leg too ;P

How can one forget filling balloons with water in Holi, mixing colours, relishing on mom made gujiyas and splashing water from pichkaris shouting Holi Hai!!!. Relive the colourful moments as Vipul recounts his childhood experience of celebrating Holi in his article Holi Hai!!!


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