team biowaves


I made this picture in Jan 2012 for our website ( and surely it was a great experience working with Team Biowaves. We talked ideas entire day…our eyes remaining glued to screens… we never imagined that in the process, each second we were learning a new lesson of life. This image was a result of inspiration I drew from the site Polecat ( that we discovered during buildup of Biowaves.

the biowaves story :/

It all started in 2011…in midst of my grad years with good friend Ashish who was working on a website to cater the needs of growing number of biotechnology students. Latest researches, news & streams initially formed our part of articles…and yeah it was a success. This response had instilled confidence…we garnered strength and set out to make Biowaves a hit. Ashutosh, Abhhishek and Chhavi joined in. We worked as a team, endlessly developing pages, collecting data & feedback, promoting & marketing and yes facing criticism too. But still we couldn’t zero on the project…and our site failed to replenish the success it had earlier tasted. We lost our audience…and our mind too. Well, every story has a positive ending..our story couldn’t make it to the league of that stories. But we had learnt a lot from our work…most importantly to support needs & wants. I sign off from this post with memories of building Biowaves and its fantabulous team.

Vipul, Team Biowaves


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