at the candy shop :9


Kids crying at the top of their voice enforcing parents to buy toffees and then flashing sparkling smiles after getting them, exhibiting teeth’s of chocolate..these have been my memories with toffees and surely these might have been yours too. The 25 paise parle kismi in old times to 2 rupees cadbury shots…the toffees are the one that has kept the children united. At the candy shop visualization maps out all the toffees(flavour wise) available in your local shops so you can choose accordingly. Though there might be a few misses(toffees & flavours too) in mapping them…so don’t think that I have gulped them. I will surely make them reach to you in the next post(version 2). So viewers & kids, have a happy time visualizing the network of toffees and yeah gulping them too.

P.S Viewing the visualization in Picasa Photo Viewer would be good for your eyes & mouth too 😛

made by Vipul 

Creative Commons License
At the candy shop by Vipul Surender Kumar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 India License.


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